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CCPHS-Teach Like a Champion-Introduction

CCPHS-Teach Like a Champion-Introduction

Author: Jeremy Linne

To introduce the book, "Teach Like A Champion" to the staff at CPPHS.  

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We will be utilizing Sophia as a flipped classroom professional development tool.  It will allow us to introduce content to the staff prior to a PD session.  We will then be able to use our time together to really examine the material and how to put it in practice.  Watch the video below and then take the quiz.  The quiz is nothing more than a way for the TST to tailor the group session for better understanding by all staff members. 

Author of Teach Like a Champion

The author of Teach Like a Champion, talks about why he wrote the book. Pay attention to 4 points that the author brings up in this video; sustainability, high academic expectations, support from administration, and shared vocabulary.

Ending Survey

Answer the survey below, offering feedback where appropriate.