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Cell membrane transport processes - Osmosis

Cell membrane transport processes - Osmosis

Author: Kelsey Perreault
  1. Develop the definition/illustration of a cell membrane, and how it must be semi-permeable for osmosis to occur.

  2. Providing real world examples, with  opportunities to diagram/construct an example that illustrates the movement of water through a semi permeable membrane.

  3. Explain or reinforce how the structure enables the function (how the membrane must be semi-permeable in order for osmosis to occur for example).

  4. Introduce the new vocabulary and definitions, reiterating them throughout the lesson.

  5.  Keep to the basic information and design activities for the learner to practice the new content material.

  6. Develop some means of assessment to assure understanding of the concepts, with correct responses and discussion after the activity.

This packet should help a learner seeking to understand the importance and nature of osmosis as a transport process within biological molecules.

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This powerpoint goes through a general overview of what Osmosis is and where it is found.

Source: Self Created by Kelsey Perreault

Osmosis In Action!

This video shows osmosis in action. When a gummy bear is placed in water overnight, osmosis occurs and the water begins to move inside the gummy bear!

Source: Self Created by Kelsey Perreault

Review Question

1. If a person was stranded on a deserted island and attempted to live off salt water, they would be causing themselves more harm than good. When a person drinks salt water, their cells become surrounded by salty liquid instead of pure water. What will eventually happen to the cells in this scenario? Think of Osmosis! (After you have your answer, watch the video below for an explanation!)

Source: Self Created by Kelsey Perreault

Answer to Review Question

This video gives an explanation to the question asked above.

Source: Self Created by Kelsey Perreault