Cell Mitosis Overview

Cell Mitosis Overview

Author: Chris Johnstone

After viewing the tutorial video and completing the Google Form, you should have an understanding of cell division by mitosis, including a knowledge of what occurs inside the cell during each of the phases of mitosis.

A cell spends most of its life performing is normal functions.  Most cells will spend a brief period of their life dividing.  All cells come from other pre-existing cells.  I call it the "secret to the continuation of life."  Without mitosis, life would not continue.  Through this process a mother cell divides into two genetically identical daughter cells.  This process if relatively simple, however it must occur just as prescribed in order to create daughter cells that are clones of the mother cell.  

Key vocabulay in this less includes: chromosome, chromatid, centriole, and spindle fibers.

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Mitosis Overview

This video is a review for high school students who already have some knowledge about cell division or mitosis.

Source: Chris Johnstone

Mitosis Overview Google Form

This form is to be filled out while watching or after watching the tutorial video "Mitosis Overview".

Source: Chris Johnstone via Google Apps