Cell Organelles: The Cytoplasm

Cell Organelles: The Cytoplasm


This lesson will describe the structure and function of the cytoplasm of a cell.

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Cytoskeleton Image: http://agi.seaford.k12.de.us/sites/dhammaker/anatomy/Anatomy%20pics/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=32&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fagi.seaford.k12.de.us%2Fsites%2Fdhammaker%2Fanatomy%2FAnatomy%20pics%2FForms%2FAllItems.aspx&RootFolder=%2Fsites%2Fdhammaker%2Fanatomy%2FAnatomy%20pics

  • Cytoplasm

    The jellylike fluid that supports the contents of the cell - found between the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope

  • Cytosol

    The liquid found inside the cytoplasm that is mostly composed of water

  • Cytoskeleton

    The protein structure that provides support to the cell - much like the bony skeleton supports the human body