Cell Songs

Cell Songs

Author: Kristin Burrus
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1.  Watch the first 2 music videos by Mr. Parr.  Write down 2 things you learned from each video.

2.  Be sure to have a copy of Dr. Lodge's lyrics to "Afraid of the Dark" 

3.  Watch the last video following along with the lyrics.  Write down 2 things you learned from this video.

4.  Fill out the Student pages for analyzing "Afraid of the Dark".

5.  Be prepared to share what you learned from each video and your student pages during the oral defense.

Mr. Parr's Cell Song

Source: Mr. Parr

Mr Parr's Organelles

Source: Mr. Parr

Lyrics and student handout for "Afraid of the Dark"

Full Screen

Source: Dr. Lodge

Dr. Lodge "Afraid of the Dark" Cell Song

Source: drlodgemccammon.com