Cell Theory/Structure and Function Compilation

Cell Theory/Structure and Function Compilation

Author: Suzie Delaune
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Harvard, Cell Structures and Functions

An AMAZING flight through the living cell! Note the "Micro Machines" that work inside all of us.

Source: Havard University

Podcast of Cell Structure and Function by Mr. Anderson; bozemanscience.com

Mr. Anderson of Montana graciously shares his knowledge and research on Cell Structures (How is it made?) and Functions (What is its job?). Take notes to use in your Class Cell Model.

Source: You Tube, bozemanscience.com, Mr. Anderson

Cell Theory/Structure and Function Playlist

A compilation of data on Cell Theory, as well as Structure and Function of cells for my students to study. Note FUNCTIONS (Jobs) of each organelle. Classes will be constructing a large "Class Cell" for display. My students will follow the rubric as a guide to research and construction of their cell. Models will be graded on accuracy and completeness.

Source: You Tube, bozemanscience.com, www.worldofteaching.com