Cell Theory/Teoria Celular
Next Generation: MS.LS1.1 NGSS

Cell Theory/Teoria Celular


This lesson will discuss the cell theory as it relates to all cells and will describe the basic characteristics of all cells.

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En esta lección hablaremos sobre de la teoría de las células, así como los fundamentos característicos de todas las células eucariotas y procariotas.


(0:00-1:48) The Cell Theory

(1:49-3:04) Basic Cell Characteristics

(3:05-5:04) Eukaryotic Cells

(5:05-6:38) Prokaryotic Cells


  • Cell Theory

    A theory that states all things are made of cells, cells are the smallest unit of life, and all cells come from preexisting cells

  • Cell

    ​The smallest unit of life

  • ​Plasma Membrane

    ​The membrane which surrounds the outer body of the cell and controls what can enter and exit the cell

  • DNA

    The macromolecule that contains all of an organism's genetic information

  • Cytoplasm

    ​The jelly-like substance found inside of a cell which holds all other organelles

  • Prokaryotic Cells

    ​The type of cell which does not contain a nucleus

  • Eukaryotic Cells

    ​The type of cell which holds all of its genetic information inside of a membrane bound nucleus