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A Tutorial explaining about different specialised cells, cell organelles,level of organisation and movement in and out of cells.

A slideshow explaining the different cell structures and their function and showing some important specialised cells. 

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Cell structure

Slideshow explaining cell structure and function

Source: slideshare, worldofteaching

The Cell Song

A song by Mr. W about Cells and the organelles you can find inside.

Source: Mr. W

Differences between Plant, Animal and Fungi cell


Cells, Tissue, Organ, Organ-system

Explaining level of organisation of living organisms

Source: slideshare, worldofteaching, nicolaas strating

Transport in and out of cells

Source: slideshare, worldofteaching, nicolaas strating


A rap video explaining Osmosis using Gummy bears. This experiment takes too long to do in class, but feel free to try it at home.

Source: sciencemusicvideos

Diffusion & Osmosis Home experiment

Different video, same gummy bears. This video also includes a very interesting experiment you could try at home with your friends, on a weekend or holiday.

Source: Kate Mausbaugh

Interactive video on Diffusion and Osmosis

This link will take you to the BBC Bitesize website, (it is full of useful revision tools) where you can watch a very interesting interactive video explaining Diffusion & Osmosis.

Organic Molecules

Organic Molecules (Biomolecules)