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Author: Ellen Coleman
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Use the web pages listed at the top of the assignment to complete the Web Quest. It was due on Wed. 2 Sept. If you were absent - print it from here and complete. If you did not have it finished on Wed. you may complete the rest for partial credit on Friday.



This power point covers all the information that you are responsible for with regards to the cell organelles. It is your responsibility to copy them into your INB (due on Friday) and to make sure you know the information. We will have a quiz over the material next week (date to be announced by Friday).

Source: E. Coleman/Pearson


Copy this lecture into your INB. Be sure to write out and answer the questions on Slide 3. Start on the next blank right hand page. It is due on Tuesday 15 Sept.

Source: E. Coleman and Pearson


Copy this lecture into your INB. Be sure to include all of the pictures that are used in the explanation of Hypertonic, Hypotonic and Isotonic. This is due on Wednesday this week.

Source: E. Coleman/Pearson


Use this to finish the Protist Lab if you were absent.

Source: Frank Gregorio/You Tube