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Here is a key for the Cells Vocabulary foldable. This is the information you should use in your Children's Book (PBL). This is also a great study guide for the unit test.

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REMEMBER!!!!! Children's Book due September 17th

You should be writing and planning your children's book it is due Thursday the 17th and presentations are the 18th and 19th.

LOOK at your rubric!!!!!

Remember you can't cut and paste any artwork you must draw it yourself or draw it on the computer.

PBL Children's Book Rubric


Presentation Rubric


Drawings of Plant and Animal Cells

Study for Quiz on Thursday


Practice Site for Cells and Drawings of Plant and Animal Cells

Remember Thursday's quiz has definitions as well as labeling parts of a plant and animal cell. These should help you study.

The drawings are attached above

The Magic of Cells

# 24 on the note-taking sheet

Source: Discovery Education

Parts of a Cell

This video is for #15 on the Note-sheet

Source: Discovery Education

Agenda September 8th-12th

Monday-PBL-Finish all Research and complete foldable

sign on to Edmodo and Sophia (class codes provided in class)


Tuesday-Watch a video on story telling and what makes a good children's book.

Brainstorm story-book

begin story board

HW-Go to Edmodo or Sophia and go through the power-point and watch the videos- Take notes: Notesheet are due on Friday


Wednesday-Cell Theory workshop and video

Continue story board- story board due Monday


Thursday-Quiz (checkpoint) on organelles: structure and function (study key on Edmodo and Sophia and foldable)

Continue with storyboard due Monday


Friday-continue story board due Monday (PBL)

Notes from Cells power-point and videos due  (complete handout)

Cell Theory and Structure- Use for Notes only-Videos must be watched on Edmodo

We are now going to begin our first 'flipped classroom' assignment. you will be watching the power-point and the short video's within it and completing the note-taking sheet I gave you in class. WATCH the videos on EDMODO they will not play on Sophia. But you can take notes on Sophia. This is due Friday. You won't always get a note-taking sheet but since this is the first one I thought I would streamline it for you. A copy of the note-sheet is on CANVAS and attached below as well in case you need another one.

Remember Videos are uploaded separate

Use the videos above the links in the power-point do not work.

Cells Vocabulary