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Cells: Unit 2

Cells: Unit 2

Author: Nate Holz

A quick review on cells.

Cells; from organelles to mitosis

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Tutorial Objectives

This tutorial is a review on animal cells and the use of the microscope. The microscope component is important as our next unit is on human tissues; a major building block in a/p. Here's what you need to learn during this lesson. You will also need to read Chapter 3 in your text book, pages 63-83.

  • Cell Theory
  • Be able to define a generalized cell
  • Name the three basic parts of a cell and give the location of each
  • Be able to identify and describe a cell's organelles
  • Review selective permeability of a cell membrane - review hyper, hypo, and isotonic
  • Review the cell cycle with special emphasis on mitosis
  • Know the parts of the compound microscope
  • Know the "rules" of using the 'scope


We will also complete two labs using the microscope; cheek cell and the microscope dimensions activity that will not be a part of this Sophia tutorial.

Unit 2 Assignments (Cells)

Get a copy of your assignments for Unit 2 on Cells Here:

Source: Bob Grove

Unit 2; Part 1 - The Cell

This is a ppt that reviews the organelles of the basic animal cell.

Source: Bob Grove

Frank Gregorio's Cool video clip: Introduction to Cells

Gregorio creates these videos to act as "movie trailers" for a certain subject - his are all cool and this one is great.

Crash Course on Animal Cells

Hank Green's video on cells - always funny and informative

Paul Andersen's Video: Tour of the Cell

Paul Andersen takes you on a tour of the cell. He starts by explaining the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

The Cell Song

A musical lecture on the parts of the cell by Glenn Wolkenfeld

Source: sciencemusicvideos - Glenn Wolkenfeld

The Microscope

A review of the microscope, including parts and "rules" of use.

Diffusion and Osmosis

A quick review on diffusion and osmosis.

Source: Modified from

Crash Course on Diffusion and Osmosis

Excellent video from Hank

National Geographic - Secrets of the Body Farm

It's a field filled with rotting corpses. But no one is burying these bodies just yet.

Source: Standard Youtube license