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Cellular Transport - Diffusion and Osmosis

Cellular Transport - Diffusion and Osmosis

Author: Janet Lee
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Focus questions

Cell Membrane and Cellular Transport Focus Questions:

What is the cell membrane made of?
What keeps cell membranes stable?
Where are cell membranes found?
Why are cell membranes important?
How do molecules move back and forth without a membrane?
What is diffusion? How is different from osmosis?
How do small molecules move around?
How does a cell transport large molecules?
What are vesicles? How are they formed?
What is passive transport? How is it different from active transport?
What is co-transport?
What is the Na/K pump?
What is the equation for water potential?
What type of values have negative psi-values?
What are isotonic? Hypertonic? And hypototnic?
What types of solutions are dangerous? Why?
How does water and sugar move in a plant?
What is the pressure flow hypothesis?

Water Potential


 Chapter 7: Cell Membrane  (pg. 124 – 140)

 Chapter 36 Plant Transport (pg. 738 -753)

AP Bio Investigation: diffusion and Osmosis (#4)


Source: Collegeboard. AP Biology

Lab Simulation