Cellulose Based Biofuels: Biological and Mechanical Pretreatments of Lignocelluloses

Cellulose Based Biofuels: Biological and Mechanical Pretreatments of Lignocelluloses


To evaluate the effectiveness of white rot fungus pretreatment on cellulose yield. 


PRETREATMENTS OF LIGNIN FOR USE IN CELLULOSE-BASED BIOFUELS. Clara Stahlmann Roeder. The purpose of this experiment was to effectively break down lignin and lignocelluloses in corn stover in order to release cellulose. It was hypothesized that a longer duration pretreatment of white rot fungus would release more cellulose than a shorter duration. To test this, sterilized corn stover was pretreated with Pleurotus Ostreatus, a white-rot fungus containing enzymes capable of lignin degradation. Six samples of corn stover was placed in pint-and-a-half jars, autoclaved and then 5 inoculations of Pleurotus Ostreatus were added. After 12-15 days, the pretreated stover was blended into a slurry and autoclaved again. Cellulase was added to each slurry and after 2-3 days, the slurry was tested for the presence of glucose using Benedict’s reagent. Glucose was detected in 4 of the 6 trials, but had no correlation to the duration of pretreatment. A connection was found between the success of mycelial growth on the stover and the presence of glucose, suggesting that if the mycelia had grown for a longer period of time, more glucose may have been detected. The lack of conclusive results indicate that the white-rot pretreatment method was not effective and other methods must be explored. The ability to break down lignocelluloses using a biological pretreatment would make production of ethanol from cellulose an economically viable reality, providing a fuel alternative to petroleum, a fossil fuel which is quickly being depleted. 


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