Central Angles and Arcs of Circles

Central Angles and Arcs of Circles


    Present the relationship between the central angle and arc measurement of a circle.


    Define minor arc, major arc, and semicircle.


    Use examples to demonstrate the arc addition postulate.


    Present how to find arc length [] when given a radius and central angle.


    Provide examples that allow practice solving for arc measures, solving for central angle measures, classifying arcs, and solving for arc length.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to find arc measurements and arc lengths of a circle.

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Circular Arcs

This video presents the concept of arcs, relates arcs and central angles, and defines major and minor arcs.

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Central Angles

This video further explores the relationship between central angles and arcs.

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Determining Arc Length

This video explains how to find the length of an arc, given the central angle.

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