Central angles and inscribed angles of circles

Central angles and inscribed angles of circles

Author: Dan Bowler

- to define terms associated with arcs of circles such as central angle, inscribed angle, minor and major arc, chord and tangent

- to provide examples and practice problems for these concepts

The lesson contains two slide shows, one of which defines terms and provides examples, the other has practice problems and solutions.

Photographs used in this packet were obtained at morguefile.com (accept where noted). Morguefile grants permission to use its images.

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Central Angle - An angle formed by two radii in a circle. In other words, an angle whose vertex is the center of the circle.  The measure of a minor arc ids defined to be the measure of the central angle.

Arc -  Any part of the circumference of a circle.

Minor arc - An arc that covers less than half of a circle.  The measure of a minor arc is always less than 180°.

Major arc - An arc that extends to more than half of a circle.  The measure of a major arc is always more than 180°.

Chord - A segment that intersects a circle in two places.

Inscribed angle - An angle in a circle formed by two chords.  In other words, an angle whose vertex is on the circle.

Tangent Line (to a circle) - A line that touches a circle in exactly one one.


Angles in circles

This slide show will go through the basic terminology associated angles in circles and present some examples.

Angles in circles practice

Try your hand at these practice problems on angles in circles.