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Central Force Prelab

Central Force Prelab

Author: Jon Fishwild
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Central Force

This video will help you prepare to conduct the Central Force lab. In class we provided you a sheet of questions to check your understanding of the video content and also a "how-to" sheet for completing some of the analysis operations in Logger Pro (both sheets available in Moodle). Answer the questions completely and accurately to ensure your understanding of the lab and using your lab time efficiently. This may require you to stop and/or rewind the video multiple times.

Bring the completed question sheet to class on the first lab day as we will be documenting completion of the assignment in Infinite Campus.

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Wireless Force Probe

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Using Probes

To learn more about the wireless force probe (WDSS) and photogate, visit the link below on our website.

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Data Collection

One thing I forgot to note in the following video is that the variables plotted on the graph in Logger Pro are Force (vertical axis) and Time, or Clock Reading (horizontal axis).

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Wrap Up

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