Central Tendencies

Central Tendencies


This lesson is an extension activity that will enrich a students understanding of central tendency.  The student will be expected to match written and pictorial examples to the given terms.

Students will enjoy a hands on experience during this activity.  Each student will create a four flap foldable(as seen in the video) and match definitions in two formats as well as graphs that depict each of the central tendencies.  Students cut and tape 3 squares under the flap of each term, creating a flip book.  I use this actvity to assess what they have learned after experiences and practice with problems

This activity is from Region 4 Education Service Center

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Mean Median Mode Range

I use this as a class activity. Students are able to work in groups using notes to help them as they practice the concept of each term. This can actually be used before or after the foldable activity.

Source: Jacksonville ISD

Creating a foldable to assess Central Tendency

This is a hands on activity that can be used to assess a students understanding of mean, median, mode, and range.

Source: Region 4 Education Service Center