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Central Theme

Central Theme

Author: Karen Hamilton

The participant will 

·         determine possible themes for their memoir.

What is the central theme running through your timeline?

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The theme of a story is "a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc." 

Your theme

There is within your life a central theme – life change. Choose one of the events from your Lists. When you have isolated an event, look at it from all angles and write down its key points.

Use the cluster map to help you map it out. Each one of the clusters can become a paragraph in your story!

  • How old were you?
  • What was happening in the world at that time?
  • What was the value or moral code that existed at that time and how did it affect the event?
  • How did all of these factors come together to create your epiphany?

Source: Karen Hamilton Silvestri

Sample chart

Source: Karen Hamilton Silvestri

Assignment 5

Fill in the chart below with your most significant relationship. (You may want to make copies of the blank chart for future use!)

Blank chart

Here is a blank chart for you to download and/or print out.


Source: Karen Hamilton Silvestri

Sample event chart

Source: Karen Hamilton Silvestri

Writing Assignment

Now that you have the key details mapped out, tell us about one of the events. Don’t think about publishing it. Just pretend your children or grandchildren are gathered at your feet and you are going to tell them a story.

Once upon a time I…


Feel free to share with others or ask questions.

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