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Author: murphy wu
Description: Ceramics, categorized as inorganic and non-metallic biomaterial, have drawn increasing attention as they possess excellent biocompatibility and high resistance to corrosion. Ceramics work great with compressive forces, and are electrical and thermal insulating.  The unique physical and chemical properties of ceramics have opened an avenue for highly customizable designs, in terms of using various composition (oxides, phosphates, sulfates, nitrides, etc.), structure (polycrystals, glasses, glass ceramics), mechanical properties (from pastes to extremely hard ceramics such as alumina), biological properties (from bioinert to bioactive), enabling a wide range of applications in dentistry, orthopedics, and diagnostics. For example, hydroxyapatite (HA) is becoming one of the most popular biomaterials because of its similarity to bone tissues (formed mainly by calcium phosphates). Bioglass, as a bioactive and biodegradable glass-ceramic material promotes bone bonding, is used clinically in tissue engineered applications. To facilitate rapid development and production of ceramic biomaterials, we offer a large selection of bioinert and bioactive ceramic products to cover most of your needs. In addition, we also welcome any request for custom services, and are capable of providing comprehensive and cost-efficient product designing and development. At Matexcel, we guarantee that every request gets the individual attention it needs.

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