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This lesson will examine the structure and function of the cerebellum.

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The Cerebellum

Source: Video and Images Created by Amanda Soderlind

Video Transcription

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Welcome to this lesson on the cerebellum. Today, we are going to be discussing the role of the cerebellum and identify its location in the brain. So the cerebellum is a part of the brain that's located in the hindbrain. If you are familiar with the different regions of the brain, you may know that the brain has a hindbrain, a forebrain, and a midbrain. So the cerebellum is a part of the brain located in the hindbrain. And it is the largest region of the hindbrain.

The main role of the cerebellum is to coordinate voluntary movements. But it also has a role in coordinating motor activities, spatial awareness, timing, and planning. So it's responsible for providing the timing needed for smooth, coordinated movements.

And the cerebellum plays a key role in field sobriety tests. So alcohol has a direct effect on the cerebellum. So somebody who gets pulled over, for example, by a police officer and has to take a field sobriety test-- the police officer is actually measuring their cerebellar functions. So the cerebellum is the part of the brain, as we said, that controls your voluntary or your motor movements. So a person who is under the influence has inhibited coordination. So that's what they're measuring in a field sobriety test, is how well they're able to coordinate their movements.

So if we take a look at our diagram down here, we have a diagram of the brain. And we are going to identify on here exactly where the cerebellum is. So the cerebellum we have identified in green here. So you'll notice it's quite a large region of the hindbrain. So our midbrain is the small area up here, our forebrain is the large area her, and our hindbrain is located down here. So the cerebellum is a large area in the hindbrain. So this lesson has been an overview on the functions of the cerebellum.

Terms to Know

A region of the hindbrain primarily responsible for coordinating voluntary movements.