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Cerebral Cortex:  Right and Left Brain

Cerebral Cortex: Right and Left Brain

Author: Barbara Ludins

This lesson will identify, and differentiate the lobes and hemispheres of the cerebral cortex.

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Notes on "Cerebral Cortex: Right and Left Brain"


(00:00-01:48) Cerebral Cortex

(01:49-03:04) Corpus Callosum

(03:05-04:24) Split Brain

(04:25-05:16) Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex

(05:17-05:37) Recap

  • Cerebral Cortex

    The outer layer of wrinkled grey matter on the outside of the brain, responsible for a person’s personality, thought, language, storage of memory, movement, and senses.

  • Hemisphere

    Half of the brain (left or right), divided by the longitudinal fissure; each hemisphere controls certain parts of the brain and can have certain specialized functions.

  • Corpus Callosum

    A large bundle of neurons that joins the two hemispheres of the brain.

  • Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex

    Specific or generally defined areas of the cerebral cortex related to different functions.