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CH. 1.2 Using a Scientific Approach

CH. 1.2 Using a Scientific Approach

Author: Amber Herda
  • Describe the steps in a scientific method
  • Compare and contrast facts, scientific theories, and scientific laws
  • Explain the importance of models in science
  • Explain the importance of safety in science

Nevada Science Standards:

N.12.A.2 Students know scientists maintain a permanent record of procedures, data, analyses, decisions, and understandings of scientific investigations.  I/S

N.12.A.3 Students know repeated experimentation allows for statistical analysis and unbiased conclusions. E/S

N.12.A.4 Students know how to safely conduct an original investigation using appropriate tools and technology. E/L

N.12.A.5 Students know models and modeling can be used to identify and predict cause-effect relationships.  I/S

Next Generation Science Standards:

  • The discourse practices of science are organized around disciplinary domains that share exemplars for making decisions regarding the values, instruments, methods, models, and evidence to adopt and use. 
  • Scientific investigations use a variety of methods, tools, and techniques to revise and produce new knowledge. 


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Video Clip: Times and Troubles of the Scientific Method


Ch.1.2 Using a Scientific Approach

Read Chapter 1.2 Using a Scientific Approach Pg. 7-11. Outline the reading in your science notebook and include major points and diagrams/tables.
you should focus on the following essential questions:
- What is the goal of a scientific method?
-How does a scientific law differ from a scientific theory?
-Why are scientific models used?