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Ch 2.2 Physical Properties of Matter

Ch 2.2 Physical Properties of Matter

Author: deirdre carney
  • Describe physical properties of matter
  • Identify substances based on their physical properties
  • Describe how properties are used to choose materials
  • Describe evidence of physical change

Nevada Science Standards

P.12.A.3 Students know identifiable properties can be used to separate mixtures. E/S 

Next Generation Science Standards

HS-PS2-6. Communicate scientific and technical information about why the molecular-level structure is important in the functioning of designed materials.* 

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Video Clip: Physical & Chemical Changes


Chapter 2.2 Physical Properties of Matter

Read Chapter 2.2 Physical Properties of Matter pg. 45-51. Outline the reading in your Science Notebook & include major points and diagrams/tables.
You should focus on the following essential questions:
-What are some examples of Physical Properties
-How can knowing the physical properties of matter be useful
-What processes are used to separate mixtures


Source: Prentice hall Physical Science - Concepts in Action

Video Clip: Chemical and Physical Changes

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook.

Physical Properties of matter worksheet

print out an complete using your notes and/or textbook