Ch 23.3 Water Erosion and Deposition

Ch 23.3 Water Erosion and Deposition

Author: deirdre carney
  • Explain how running water erodes the land
  • Identify features formed by erosion & deposition due to running water
  • Describe how caves and sinkholes are formed by groundwater erosion

Nevada Science Standards

E.12.C.4 Students know that soil, derived from weathered rocks and decomposed organic material, is found in layers. E/S  

Next Generation Science Standards

HS-ESS2-5. Plan and conduct an investigation of the properties of water and its effects on Earth materials and surface processes. ​

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Chapter 23.3 Water Shapes the Land

Read Chapter 23.3 Water Shapes the Land pg 713-717. Outline the reading in your Science Notebook & include major points and diagrams/tables.
You should focus on the following essential questions:
-What is the most important factor influencing the ability of a stream to cause erosion
-What features are formed by surface water erosion
-What features are deposited by running water
-What causes groundwater erosion

Full Screen

Source: Prentice hall Physical Science - Concepts in Action

Video Clip: River erosion, transport, and deposition

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook.

Video Clip: Meanders and Oxbow Lakes

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook.

Online Activity - Cave Formation

go to the following website:


Explore the interactive activity (write notes in your science notebook - use your textbook essential questions as a guide). Pay special attention to caves formed by water erosion.


Video: - Cave Biologist

go to:


watch video - focus on cave formation