Ch 4.2 Structure of an Atom

Ch 4.2 Structure of an Atom

Author: deirdre carney
  • Identify three subatomic particles & compare their properties
  • Distinguish the atomic number of an element from the mass number of an isotope, use to describe structure of atoms

Nevada Science Standards

P.8.A.6 Students know matter is made up of tiny particlescalled atoms.  E/S

P.8.A.7 Students know the characteristics of electrons,protons, and neutrons.   E/S

P.12.A.8 Students know most elements have two or more isotopes, some of which have practical applications. I/S 

Next Generation Science Standards

MS-PS1-1. Develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures.  

HS-PS1-8. Develop models to illustrate the changes in the composition of the nucleus of the atom and the energy released during the processes of fission, fusion, and radioactive decay. 

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Video Clip: Atoms

Source: www.brainop.com

Chapter 4.2 Structure of an Atom

Read Chapter 4.2 Structure of an Atom pg 108-112. Outline the reading in your science notebook and include major points and diagrams/tables.
you should focus on the following essential questions:
- What are three subatomic particles
-What properties can be used to compare protons, neutrons, and electrons
-How are atoms of one element different from atoms of other elements
-What is the difference between two isotopes of the same element

Full Screen

Source: Prentice Hall Physical Science - Concepts in Action

Video Clip: Basic of Atomic Structure

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook.

Video Clip: What's the Difference between Mass Number and Atomic Mass?

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook.

Video Clip: What are Isotopes?

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook.

Video Clip: Isotope Notation

Watch video and take notes in your science notebook