Ch 7.3 Energy Changes in Reactions

Ch 7.3 Energy Changes in Reactions

Author: deirdre carney
  • Describe the energy changes that take place during chemical reactions
  • Classify chemical reactions as exothermic or endothermic
  • Explain how energy is conserved during chemical reactions

Nevada Standards

P.12.A.6 Students know chemical reactions either release or absorb energy. E/S 

Next Generation Science Standards

HS-PS1-g Use models to support that the release or absorption of energy from a chemical system depends upon changes in total bond energy

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Chemistry Music Video 21: Exo, Endo, What's The Diff

Catchy way to understand energy and chemical reactions.

Chapter 7.3 P pg 206-209

Read Chapter 7.3
Outline the reading in your Science Notebook & include major points and diagrams/tables.
You should focus on the following essential questions:
- What happens to chemical bonds during a chemical reaction?
- What happens to energy during a chemical reaction?

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Source: Prentice Hall Physical Science - Concepts in Action Chapter 7.3

Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions - Activity

Read directions and follow activity. Be sure to schedule time for lab activity with teacher in advance.

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Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions with diagrams

Review the process of chemical reactions that result in energy being released or absorbed. Pay special attention to the ENERGY DIAGRAMS!

Chapter 7.3 Text Questions

Review Chapter 7.3 and watching the videos, answer the questions on page 209 #1-7.

Use complete sentences and proper vocabulary/scientific terms.