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Challenges Facing Africa:  AIDS

Challenges Facing Africa: AIDS

Author: Katie Delp
  • Examine the causes and effects of the AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In this tutorial you will examine the AIDS epidemic in Africa in terms of the systemic causes and effects on the lives of Africans.

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AIDS in Africa: A Background

The african continent is probably the most affected by HIV and AIDS with sub-Saharan Africa being the worst affected region. The response to HIV and AIDS in Africa is hampered by weak economies and political unrest which have seen countries like Zimbabwe fail to respond appropriately to the epidemic. A few countries such as Botswana and South Africa have stepped up their responses to HIV and AIDS and are now serving as examples for other African countries.

Although North Africa has not been as heavily affected by HIV and AIDS as Southern Africa, countries like Nigeria (home to 10 percent of people living with HIV) are a cause for concern because of poor responses over the past few years. Francophone (French-Speaking) African countries are also notably lagging in terms of reaching targets for universal access.


What is HIV/AIDS?

An informative video that discusses the difference between HIV and AIDS and talks about the causes, symptoms, and effects on the body.

AIDS in Africa: Awaiting Tomorrow

A man in the Democratic Republic of Congo discusses what it is like living with AIDS in Africa.