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 Al-Haddad & Kotnour (2015) (ATTACHED) describes the change models of Kotter and Lewin. In an essay, compare and contrast these change models or any other early research that focuses on individual behaviors and resistance to change.
1. Explain each step of the change model.
2. Compare and contrast each model of change.
3. Explain the impact of each model on implementing change and resistance to change.
The essay should be three full pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. Cite at least three scholarly article. You must accompany all referenced, paraphrased, and quoted material and sources used with in-text citations in the proper APA format.
Please review attached readings!

In this video, Harvard Professor Michael Porter discusses how to align strategy and project management within an organization.
Stern Speakers. (2015, February 4). Michael Porter: Aligning strategy & project management[Video file].
Retrieved from
Lisa Bodell discusses the reasons that companies and individuals resist change in this video. To overcome this tendency, she says we must change our mindset, reconsider our assumptions, deploy a top-down strategy, and have an on-demand toolkit at our disposal.
Big Think. (n.d.). Why companies resist change, with Lisa Bodell [Video file]. Retrieved from
General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra is celebrating her one-year anniversary in the automaker’s driver’s seat in this video. Bloomberg’s Laura Colby and Matt Miller examine Barra’s first year in charge on “Market Makers.”
Bloomberg Business. (2015, January 15). Mary Barra’s first year as GM CEO: Recalls, record sales [Video file]. Retrieved from

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