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Change the Navigation bar in Google Sites

Change the Navigation bar in Google Sites

Author: Jon Tanner

The learner will understand how to change the items which appear in a Google Site's navigation menu.

Google Sites are pretty easy, but changing the contents of the site Navigation menu on the left side of a page is confusing. This tutorial shows how to switch from the default of automatically creating the navigation menu. Manually configuring the menu allows the user to choose which items appear, the order in which they appear, and how many levels deep the navigation should reach.

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How to change the sidebar and Navigation gadget in a Google Site

This video shows how to change the content and order of items in the Navigation bar in a Google Site.

Editing the sidebar and Navigation gadget in Google Sites

Here are Google's instructions for how to edit the sidebar and the Navigation gadget in Google Sites.

It's all text, with no illustrations, so if you are a visual learner, you may want to watch the video capture.