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Changes in the learning process that students dream of

Changes in the learning process that students dream of

Author: Doris Kirby

What is it about your school that you would love to see changed? You would be surprised at the answers you would get if you took a group of students and asked them this question. There would be vastly different views on how to make school more fun and less stressful.
The fact that scholars often need to get help from the best assignment help company shows that school is stressful. It is common to find a student reading an article on the best assignment writing service review trying to choose an online essay helper. Most do this to escape the stress of dealing with assignments, while one really have no time to do it on their own.

What Changes Would Students Love To See?

What does the ideal school look like to you? Having interacted with a group of students from different institutions and asked this question, I have compiled common answers as to the changes students would love to see in school. They are as follows.

More practical lessons

A good number have always shown more interest in practical-based education. This is where students are taught using a live illustration of concepts instead of only learning the theory part. Most schools adopt a technique where practical learning is limited.
From a scientific point of view, practical lessons are more effective because they promote remembrance. Students that learn using experimental techniques learn faster and grasp the concepts taught more effectively.

Reduced tests and exams

This is not really a surprise, as nobody likes being tested. Unfortunately, not many students love to sit for exams. Luckily, there is also a big number of them that do not support the complete scrapping off of exams. Instead, they want the tests issues less often and with notice.
They argued that preparing for exams is stressful and exhausting. A big percentage of learners anonymously agreed that the learning process would be more enjoyable and effective if the frequent tests were reduced.

Career based education

I want to be a pilot when I finish school, why would I stress learning Biology and History?’ is a common sentiment. Students would also love to see a learning process that takes into account what they intend to pursue in their future careers. This is probably why some fail in some subjects and don’t really care.
You can find a student looking for assignment writing reviews to get help on the units they dislike. However, this may be a bit tricky because priorities change as one grows. Learning different subjects gives students the versatility to change to whichever career they may like and still be qualified.

More engaging classes

I have met a lot of students who described their classes as boring and exhausting. Unfortunately, most schools have adopted a one-sided learning process where the teacher talks and the learners listen. It is like a continuous dosage of sleeping pills.
To this effect, scholars would love a technique that sees them get involved in the process of learning and not only asking questions in class. I too would love to challenge some concepts in class and give my point of view if I were still a student.

Reduced assignments

Nobody enjoys sitting down for hours working on that essay or dissertation assignment. A good percentage of students have argued that they are always burdened with classwork.
In turn, this leaves them with very little time to relax and enjoy themselves. They argued that the reason why assignment writing reviews and business has grown in popularity now is it relieves them of the work so they can relax a bit.


When it comes to changes learners would love to see in their schools, the answers cannot get any more ridiculous. However, some of them are sensible. In as much as we may write off some of the changes they propose, there are those that are very realistic.
As an education stakeholder, it is time to lend a listening ear to our kids when they propose some changes in our learning processes. We live in a dynamic world.

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