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Changing the education paradigm

Changing the education paradigm

Author: Todd Pierson

Conversation around issues facing education and the need to think differently about how schools should approach teaching and learning.

This packet is intended to spark discussion around change needed in education today. The Q & A section can be used as a forum to explore ideas.

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Sir Ken Robinson on changing paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson talks about the need to change the paradigm of education from an industrial model to one that embraces divergent thinking, creativity, and the arts. This video is illustrated by wonderful animated drawings depicting Robinson's ideas.

Source: RSS Animate October, 2010

Changing Paradigms by Marc Prensky

 Mark Prensky writes and presents on how technology is changing educatiion.  He is a big proponent of learning how gaming, and the its underlying strategies, can be used in education.

In this article he share how technology really is changing the very nature of learning.

Link to article

Source: Marc Prensky, Published in Educational Technology, July-Aug, 2007