Chapter 1: Biology in the 21st Century

Chapter 1: Biology in the 21st Century

Author: Sarah Thompson

The key concepts that we will learn in this chapter are: 
– Earth is home to an incredible diversity of life. 
– All organisms share certain characteristics. 
– All levels of life have systems of related parts. 
– Structure and function are related in biology. 
– Organisms must maintain homeostasis to survive in diverse environments. 
– Evolution explains the unity and diversity of life.

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Paul Andersen explains the importance of biodiversity. He starts by describing how biodiversity can be species, genetic or ecosystem diversity. He explains the importance of keystone species in an environment and gives two examples; the jaguar and the sea otter. He finishes with a quote from the father of biodiversity, E.O. Wilson.

1.1 The Study of Life

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1.2 Unifying Themes of Biology

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The Scientific Method

Mr. Andersen gives a brief description of the scientific method.

1.3 Scientific Thinking and Processes

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