Chapter 1 - What is Food Science?

Chapter 1 - What is Food Science?

Author: Tonja Lindley
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What is Food Science?

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Chapter 1 - What is Food Science?

*Trace the development of the scientific study of food.
*Describe areas included in the field of food science.
*Identify different types of work that food scientists do.

Source: Food Science: The Biochemistry of Food & Nutrition-Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

Food Scientist Timeline

Food Scientist Timeline

Create a one-page report about your Food Scientist, with the paper provided.

Include:             A photo

                        Years Scientist was born and died. (Ex: 1902 – 1980)

                        How they died

                        Person’s education

                        How did this person influence food science? (What was the Scientist’s discovery/action                         that made him or her memorable?)

                        What was the person’s research finding? (What did they discover?)

                        (Record at least three facts about this Scientist’s findings.)



Food Scientist Rubric

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Famous Food Scientists

Fill in the following form as your fellow students present their Food Scientist Report.

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