Chapter 2 The Production Possibilities Frontier (curve)

Chapter 2 The Production Possibilities Frontier (curve)

Author: Matthew Lonn

Students will draw and explain a production possibilities curve and how it is a accurate model of how resources are distrbuted.

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Production Possibilities Frontier

Lesson over Production Possibilities Frontier


Complete the following lesson to gain a better understanding of the PPC and its applications in economics. Use slides 3-14 for notes over the production possibilities curve.

Questions you should be able to answer after the lesson

1. Define a production possibilities frontier (curve).

2. Draw a PPC demonstrating what a point on, inside and outside of the curve represents.

3. Explain the difference between a bowed out PPC and a straight line PPC.

Chapter 2 Notes

Kahn Video over PPC

Production Possibilities Curve Explanation

Explanation of Production Possibilities Curve.

Source: You Tube

PPC in 60 Seconds

Source: You Tube