Chapter 2.3 Part 1- Mixtures and Solutions

Chapter 2.3 Part 1- Mixtures and Solutions

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Tonight you will be amazed by the powers or NaCl + H2O!

9/8/14 Chapter 2.3 part 1- Mixtures and solutions


In this lesson you will:

  • watch the videos for Chapter 2.3  "Mixtures and solutions"
  • take Cornell notes on the material covered in your Science Journal recording and working through the practice problems in your notes (SJ pages 33-34)
    • Don't forget to underline and highlight your vocabulary words. = )
  • - watch the video on "Mixtures" from TED-Ed
  • -complete and submit the WSQ



2.3 Part 1 Lecture

Copy the flow chart with questions into your notes

Chemistry Math- Solving Moriarty

The science of macaroni salad: What's in a mixture? - Josh Kurz

youtube link:

WSQ 9/8/14