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Chapter 2A Realidades II Un evento especial

Chapter 2A Realidades II Un evento especial

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Realidades II AVSR Vocabulary Chapter 2A

Parts of the body, some clothing

Source: Mrs. Shirley's web site

Lección 2A AVSR Vocabulario Realidades II

Review and presentation of Clothing and Body Parts
Review and presentation of verbs and expressions that use the infinitives

Source: Realidades II

El cuerpo

Parts of the body

Source: unknown at this time

La ropa


Source: unknown at this time

Billy la bufanda with subtitles

Catchy song with a bit of preterite (fue) but Billy "the scarf" with the leading role

Source: Sr. Wooly

Realidades II Vocabulary Chapter 2A Reflexives

To talk about getting ready with reflexive verbs
To talk about things you need to get ready
To talk about a special event
To talk about how you feel (estar)
Other useful words and expressions used in this chapter

Source: Mrs. Shirley's web site

Mi rutina diaria Nico Miscositas

A little boy goes through his day using the reflexive verb format


Reflexive verbs 2

Introduction to simple reflexive verbs

Source: unknown at this time

Reflexive_Verbs_p7 Realidades III

Introduction to Direct object pronouns and reflexive pronouns with the verbs that use them

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Reflexive verbs- Señor Bean Style

Video which shows how to use the reflexive pronouns with verbs. Some verbs are not found in this chapter 2A Realidades

Source: Sr. Bean

Pg 68 Ser and Estar ppt.

Follows the book with it's design

Source: Mrs. Shirley's website

Las emociones de Nico

Using the verb ESTAR, Nicos shows us his feelings.


Eres Para Mi- Julieta Venega

Using the Verb SER with the verb tener.

Source: Youtube

Ser and Estar Slide show (Longer version)

Shows the two verb forms with descriptions and examples.
Has a quiz at the end.
Make it more intense by asking students to give reasons to the answers given by the quiz format

Source: unknown at this time