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Chapter 2A Realidades III ¿Cómo te expresas?

Chapter 2A Realidades III ¿Cómo te expresas?


Chapter Objectives:

Talk about art

Give an opinon about a work of art

Relate the arts to your own experience

Describe how people express themselves

Narrate events in the past

Discuss some important artists of the Spanish-speaking world

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Cognates Power Point

Clarification of how cognates can be recognized in Spanish and the rules that follow

Source: unknown at this time

Realidades Chapter 2A Repaso del Capitulo Prentice Hall

Chapter Objectives Talk about the arts

Source: Prenticehall Realidades III

Angry Olympics Number 6 Splish(-ier)-Splashy-(est)

Bi-lingual cartoon on the "Angry Family" to demonstrate Comparative and Superlative uses

Source: The Angry Family

Arte Dina Burszytn Artista de Argentina

Sculpture and other art work from this world renown artist from Argentina, now living in New York

Source: unknown at this time

Arte Joan Miró de España

Source: unknown at this time

Guayasamin-Ecuador Arte

Source: unknown at this time

Picasso Powerpoint 2 with United Streaming PPT

Chronological events of Pablo Picasso
Review with questions for in depth learning

Source: United Streaming Youtube

Realidades 3 Capitulo 2A Artistas del mundo Hispanohablantes

Diego Riviera- Las Meninas
Goya-El tres de mayo de 1808
Joan Miró Interior holandés
Salvador Dalí-Persistencia de la Memoria
Remedios Varo- Still life reviving 1963
Oswaldo Guayasamín-La madre y el niño 1989
Diego Rivera- Emiliano Zapata 1931
David Alfaro Siqueiros - Del porfirismo a la revolución
Dina Bursztyn-Lady Dreams
Pepón Osorio-100% Boricua
Alfonso Fernández- Naturaleza muerta 1999

Source: unknown at this time

Powerpoint on Preterite vs. Imperfect

This powerpoint explains the reasons why Preterite is used sometimes, and why the Imperfect is needed.

Source: unknown at this time

Preterite and Imperfect Grammar Essential #84

This power point goes through the "essential" parts of the differences between Preterite and Imperfect.
It shows clues that demonstrate what to look for in your reasoning to choose Preterite and Imperfect
It also shows how certain verbs change meanings from one tense to another: Tener, Tener que, Poder, Pensar,

Source: unknown at this time

El día terrible que tuve ayer

A short story that incorporates the preterite and imperfect.
Contains a few quizes to make sure students are learning.

Source: Carmen Sales-Delgado on Apr 05, 2008

Realidades 3 Capitulo 1B Imperfect and Preterite Review pg 42

Power point showing the formation of the Imperfect
Exercises follow

Source: Vidal

P 79 Estar with past participle

Acronym REVV MAC PHDD with past participles

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

P 88 Ser vs Estar ppt

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Verbs that change meaning in the Preterite and the Imperfect pg 90

SABER, Conocer, Querer, No Querer, Poder
All have irregular meanings int he imperfect and the preterite

Source: Mrs Shirley's Spanish site