Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology - Lesson 4 - Math Monday

Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology - Lesson 4 - Math Monday


Use AP Environmental Science concepts to respond to complex math problems, identify problems, offer solutions and draw evidence-based conclusions on AP Math questions.

Preparing to do the Math: 10% Rule

Do the Math: Raising Mangoes

Measuring Your Impact: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Rapid Math Tips and Tricks: 

Environmental Issues: Issue 30: Restoration Ecology


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Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology Math Video

Watch this video for help completing the Chapter 3 Math Worksheet. Then complete the practice problem and conceptual questions on your own. Finally, visit the carbon footprint website to calculate your current footprint.
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Energy Flow & Food Webs

If Ecological Efficiency and Energy Flow is still a confusing topic for you, here's some more information, with a really fantastic flow chart that helps you to see exactly where all the energy goes as it moves through an ecosystem.

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The Factor-Label Method

Mr. Andersen shows you how to use the factor label method to solve complex conversions.

Dimensional Analysis/Factor Label Method

A tutorial covering the basics of dimensional analysis and how to convert from one set of units to another using appropriate conversion factors.

Unit Conversion Playlist

This is a YouTube playlist by Tyler DeWitt, an AWESOME chemistry teacher. Everything is broken down and worked out step-by-step with you to ensure your understanding.

Chapter 3 Lesson 4 WSQ

Complete this WSQ after you watch Mrs. Schaelling's Chapter 3 Lesson 4 Video. This should be done before you come to class.

DOK Question Stems

Try to create most of your questions at a DOK Level 2 or 3. That way you're challenging your thinking.

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