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Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology - Lesson 6: Cellular Respiration Lab Day I - Preliminary Activity

Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology - Lesson 6: Cellular Respiration Lab Day I - Preliminary Activity

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Colorado River Watershed Data & Color Photo

In case you weren't able to finish your maps. :)


Introduction to EBSCOhost YouTube Playlist

EBSCOhost is provided by the Pikes Peak Library
It's probably the best place to start as far as academic research. Sometimes Google Scholar is too broad.
This tutorial provides an overview of the features of the EBSCOhost interface, including:

* Searching EBSCOhost
* Using the Result List
* Previewing Articles
* Using Search History

Introduction to Academic Research

A Guide to Online Research - Cornell University

The academic research project is a standard feature of every student’s life in college. Consequently, for every student, research projects raise important questions, such as: Where do you find the information you need for your research? How do you find it? How do you evaluate and manage that information once you find it?

Click on the link below to be taken to Cornell University's Guide to Online Research.  It will help to guide you in your academic research, decide which sources to use and which to avoid, and give you an introduction to citing your sources.

APA 6th Edition Guidelines Quick Reference Card

This guide is based on the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association published by the American Psychological Association (Second Printing). The Publication Manual contains guidelines for many aspects of an APA paper, including manuscript formatting, writing skills and mechanics, and references and citations.