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Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology - Lesson 9: Article Review & ESPN

Chapter 3: Ecosystem Ecology - Lesson 9: Article Review & ESPN

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Dead in the Water

Every summer for the past nine years, water with lethally low concentrations of oxygen has appeared off the Oregon coast. The hypoxia may be a sign of things to come elsewhere, finds Virginia Gewin.

From: NATURE - August 2010


Fixing the Global Nitrogen Problem

Humanity depends on nitrogen to fertilize croplands, but growing global use is damaging the environment and threatening human health. How can we chart a more sustainable path?

From: Scientific American February - 2010


Enriching the Sea to Death

An excess of nutrients flowing from the land into the sea has created serious environmental problems in many coastal waters. Only recently have measures been taken to forestall the worst effects.

From: Scientific American - 1998


Global Population and the Nitrogen Cycle

Feeding humankind now demands so much nitrogen-based fertilizer that the distribution of nitrogen on the Earth has been changed in dramatic, and sometimes dangerous, ways.

From: Scientific American - July 1997


The Prolific Afterlife of Whales

On the deep seafloor, the carcasses of the largest mammals give life to unique ecosystems.

From: Scientific American - 2010