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Chapter 3A Realidades I El Desayuno y el Almuerzo

Chapter 3A Realidades I El Desayuno y el Almuerzo

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Desayuno y el almuerzo Ppt Realidades I

Pictures of foods of breakfast and lunch from Chapter 3A Realidades I

Source: Prenticehall Realidades I


Different tastes,


¡Qué asco! por Señor Wooley

Use of the verb Gustar with foods that do not taste good together.
Shows how to say "someone's" breath is bad

Pronunciation of the vocabulary from Chapter 3A

All the vocabulary found in Chapter 3A is pronounced slowly and accurately

Present tense ER and IR verbs ppt

Slide show of regular ER and IR verbs in Spanish

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Señor Jordan video on ER verbs

Takes the student through the various processes of conjugating ER verbs with extra vocabulary as this does not follow the Realidades series

ER and IR Present Tenses Estilio Señor Bean

Video made by Señor Bean with his students about ER and IR Verbs, complete with stem changers and - go verbs

Source: Sr.Bean Teaching Experience

Agustín El desayuno

Agustín talks about his routine in the morning and tells others what he normally eats for breakfast