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Chapter 3B Realidades I Para mantener la salud

Chapter 3B Realidades I Para mantener la salud


Talk about food and beverges for dinner

Describe what people or things are like

Dscuss food, health, and exercise choices

Understand cultural perspectives on diet and health

By learning the common foods used at supper, learning the plurals of adjectives and all forms of SER in the present tense, students should be able to create a simple sentence. 

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Chapter 3B Vocabulary Realidades I

Food/health/tener hambre/sed/

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Chapter 3B Vocabulary and grammar Realidades I

All vocab taken from Realidades I


Source: Realidades I

Chapter 3B Realidades I pg 156 The plurals of adjectives

Slide show with the rules of plurals of adjectives

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Mocedades - Eres tú

A song (vintage) that uses the verb ser in an easy to learn context.

Source: Youtube

El verbo Ser and all of it's inherent qualities

Describes all the components of Ser that makes it different from Estar.

Source: unknown at this time

Princess of Ser

Video about learning the verb ser and all of the pronouns. A teacher produced video that uses the Rap song "the Prince of Belaire"

Source: Youtube ProfaTProfaT

Chapter 3B Realidades I pg 158 Ser and Estar

Slide show that shows the rules of ser and estar

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Ser- to be ( a funny song)

A song that repeats and repeats the forms of Ser

Source: unknown at this time YouTube

Soy Guapo

Using the verb Ser, a video that is highly entertaining that teachers Spanish

Tener Expressions (Idiomatic expressions) with Brandon and Tyler

An amusing video about the verb Tener. Where English speakers would use the verb "To Be", the Spanish speaker uses the verb Tener.

Source: Youtube Tyler Wrage