Chapter 4A ¿Adónde vas? Realidades I

Chapter 4A ¿Adónde vas? Realidades I

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List of Vocabulary _ 4A pdf Realidades

Chapter Review of vocabulary and grammar points
To talk about leisure activities
To talk about places
To tell where you go
To tell with whom you go
To talk aobut when things get done
To talk about where someone is from
To indicate how ofter
The verb IR - to go

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Source: Phschool.com Realidades I

Lugares de mi vencindario Miscositos

Nico tells about all the places in his neighborhood

Source: miscositas.com

IR the powerpoint

What is the verb to go--- IR
All the forms of the verb Ir

Source: Mrs. Shirley's website

The verb to go in Spanish Grammer

A very simple song that repeats the verb IR to go along with pictures of places to go.

Source: Gisela youtube

IR_ Practice in a powerpoint

Shows how to use the contraction of a + el = al so necessary when using the verb IR

Source: Mrs. Shirley's website

¿Adónde vas? An educational video from phschool.com

A rap song taken from phschool.com with the verb IR

Source: phschool.com Youtube

Las interogativas a Powtoon on Spanish Question words

Showing the basic question words in Spanish first, English second

Source: chrstphrkr youtube

Interrogativas - Question words

A powerpoint using and demonstrating all of the question words

Source: unknown at this time