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Chapter 7:  Multiplication

Chapter 7: Multiplication

Author: Sara Levine
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Here you will see 23x4 being solved using base ten blocks. Notice how she decomposes the number into tens and ones to help her put it all together.


In this video you will see 46x6 being solved with base ten blocks. Here you will notice that the students are using the idea of regrouping to help solve this problem.

149x3 with base-ten blocks and numbers

In this video, the student is solving 149x3 with base ten blocks, then solving the problem on her white board. She is using "partial products" which means she is multiplying parts of the bigger number first, then putting it all together.

149x3 with base-ten blocks and numbers

In this video, the student is checking his work with the base-ten blocks. He uses "partial products", or multiplies parts of the larger number then adds it all together.

149x3 representing with numbers

In this video, a student is solving a problem using partial products. This means that he decomposed the larger number and multiplied it in pieces. Then he added everything up together to get his final product, or answer.