Chapter 8B Concept 3

Chapter 8B Concept 3

Author: Melinda Hollan

INTRO The "X" method for "un-combining" the middle term.

Part 1 Splitting the Middle ("X" method) and using Mustache Method or Box Method

Parts 2-3 Practice together

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Chapter 10 Concept 3 (Intro)

What is factoring and how do we "uncombine" the like terms without a hint? This video will introduce the "X" method to help you do just that!

Chapter 8B Concept 3 (PART 1)

Let's get into some more examples of FACTORING!

Chapter 8B Concept 3 (PART 2)

Let's factor some more!!

Chapter 8B Concept 3 (PART 3)

Teach me how to factor, teach me, teach me how to factor!