Characteristics of Polynomials

Characteristics of Polynomials

Author: Nour Harriz

Main Objectives:

1- Understand the Characteristics of Polynomials

2- Create connections between the Degree of a polynomial and the Number of Zeros (x-intercepts)

3- Create connections between the Degree of a polynomial and the Number of Turning Points (Maxima and Minima)


By the end of this lesson, students should be able to distinguish polynomials by identifying their degrees and listing their properties i.e patterns with respect to even or odd degrees, end behavior, possible number of turning points and possible number of zeros.

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Characteristics of Polynomials

This lesson is activity based that will help you recognize and understand the characteristics of polynomials by simply using a graphing software or calculator and filling in the missing information on the pdf document. You can use any graphing technology you choose. I prefer to use https://www.desmos.com/calculator which works best on Google Chrome.

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Supporting Information (Answer Key)

After you go through the process of investigating the Characteristics of Polynomials, reflect and assess your work via comparing your results with the Answer Key.

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