Characteristics of the Moon

Characteristics of the Moon

Author: Brianna Reilly

Explore the characteristics of our Moon.

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Your Task: Complete this tutorial to learn more about the characteristics of the moon. You may also use your textbook (Chapter 1 Section 4).The Google Form at the end will be used as a pre-assessment on your knowledge. If you score high enough, you will be excused from Friday's whole group to work on an extension activity.

Use the quiz at the side to self-assess your understanding as you work.

Characteristics of the Moon

Scroll over each point to read more about this feature of the moon. You may click on the link to explore more.

Crash Course Astronomy: The Moon

Watch the video to learn more about our moon.

Knowledge Check

Complete this form to check your understanding of the features of the moon. A high enough score will qualify you to complete an extension acitivity in class on Friday.