"Chasing Lincoln's Killer," activities: No cellphone video? Just eyewitnesses?!

"Chasing Lincoln's Killer," activities: No cellphone video? Just eyewitnesses?!

Author: Eileen Roybal

8.29.B     analyze    information    by    sequencing,    categorizing,    identifying    cause-and-effect    relationships,    comparing,    contrasting,    finding    the    main    idea,    summarizing,    
making    generalizations    and    predictions,    and    drawing    inferences    and    conclusions



Students will compare the stories dictated by eyewitnesses, then depicted by artists, of the moment Booth shot Lincoln. After analysis, students will write at least 5 sentences comparing and contrasting one depiction to the version we read in the book, "Chasing Lincoln's Killer."

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What's Wrong with this Picture?


1) On page 44 of the book, a depiction of the assassination of President Lincoln is shown. Competing publishers created many of these pictures at this time period because there were so many witnesses with so many different versions of the story. Please critically examine the two depictions above.


2) Then choose one picture and, using at least 5 sentences, write what is wrong with each picture based on the description of the assassination in the book. Use the form below to record your answer.