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Cheddar MBA

Cheddar MBA

Author: Bethany Uchytil


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what's covered
In this section we will take a look at the Cheddar MBA and discuss the following:
  1. Who is John Steinberg?
  2. What is digital entrepreneurship?
  3. What is the Lesson from Week 1?


John Steinberg
John Steinberg

Jon Steinberg is the former President and COO of website BuzzFeed. In early 2016, he founded Cheddar Inc., a new media company covering tech news and culture, and serves as its CEO. In September 2016, Cheddar received $10 million in funding from Comcast and other investors.

John recently wrote an article, Cheddar 2.0 that outlines his vision for the new restart of his successful start up venture, Cheddar.

This is a student testimonial about John Steinberg as a professor.


Digital entrepreneurship is broadly defined as creating new ventures and transforming existing businesses by developing novel digital technologies and/or novel usage of such technologies, (European Commission, 2015).

The Strayer University MBA, Digital Entrepreneurship concentration offers you a solid foundation for success in today’s increasingly digital business world. The curriculum is built on industry case studies and readings selected by Jon Steinberg, founder and CEO of Cheddar and former president and COO of BuzzFeed. Watch classes live and discuss online in real time, or watch when it’s convenient for you.

For those that have participated in the Cheddar MBA program via Strayer@Work, the companies have seen some valuable returns.

File:10383-Cheddar graph.jpg

Be sure to mention your innovative master's degree program during every interview.


The skills gap that has employers worried isn't the technical skills gap, but the soft skills gap, according to recent survey results from Adecco. Soft skills include those that aren't easily measured, such as communication, problem solving, and emotional intelligence.

A majority of executives interviewed (92 percent) admit that there is a gap in U.S. workforce skills. Surprisingly, only 22 percent of executives believe that this gap was technical in nature. Nearly half (44 percent) believe that American workers lack the soft skills necessary to help a business succeed.

What is causing the dearth of soft skills among American workers? Fifty-nine percent of the executives surveyed blame higher education. Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, echoes this sentiment. He says the rising cost of attending colleges and universities have put these institutions under pressure to produce students with hard skills. Meanwhile, soft skills, such as critical thinking, are filtered out of curriculums.

term to know

Digital Entrepreneurship
Digital entrepreneurship is a term that describes how entrepreneurship will change, as business and society continue to be transformed by digital technology.