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Chem 104, Isotopic Abundance

Chem 104, Isotopic Abundance

Author: Jesse Olson

Introduce the concept of atomic mass.
Introduce the concept that various isotopes of an element may be present in differing amounts.
Describe how to use isotopic abundance to calculate atomic mass.

This learning packet digs deeper into the concept of atomic mass, moving beyond the simple mathematical formula used to calculate it and into the harder concept of relative abundance. The lesson is in a video format and presents practice problems to the students.

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A Briefing on Isotopes

Isotopes are an often confusing topic.  The simple take home message is that elements can occur in different forms of isotopes.  What makes an isotope an isotope is differing numbers of neutrons in an atom's nucleus.  What makes this topic difficult at times is working with relative isotopic abundances.  PRACTICE these if they are what is hard for you. 

Source: olson

Introduction to Isotopic Abundance

An introductory lesson on isotopic abundance and finding average atomic mass. Includes example problems. It is about 14 minutes long but covers some complex ideas.

Source: olson